About Committee for Gippsland

Our Purpose

The Committee for Gippsland is a positive and influential voice for Gippsland helping to create a prosperous and sustainable future for the region. Our purpose is to be a member-led advocacy group that engages business and key stakeholders in positive decision making for the sustainable future of Gippsland, contributing to a strong and vibrant Victoria and Australia.

Our mission is to foster, facilitate and encourage a Gippsland region that invites and develops participation and innovation, business investment, industry development and vibrant communities.

Our aim is to positively influence government priorities for Gippsland leading to strong economic and social outcomes.

We do this by

Jobs & Investment

Positively engaging with government and regional stakeholders, the Committee for Gippsland is seeking to attract and retain investment and jobs in the region and maximise economic and social opportunities for Gippsland.

Independent Advocate for our region

We are an independent and member driven advocacy organisation for the region, comprising member organisations in industry, business and community across Gippsland. The Committee for Gippsland is a not-for-profit, incorporated organisation that takes a whole of region approach to Gippsland.

Pro Active

The Committee for Gippsland aims to pro-actively and positively inform government policy and secure the long term future of our region, through a fact-based and member driven approach.

Our Aspirations for Gippsland

We want Gippsland to be the best place in Australia to live, work, invest and play:

  • With visionary leadership
  • With a common sense of purpose
  • That attracts talent and fosters creativity
  • That offers a vibrant future for young people
  • That has a dynamic and sustainable economy and environment
  • With a diverse, connected, committed and engaged population.

Our Principles

The Committee for Gippsland is governed by a clearly defined set of guiding principles.

  • Our members drive the agenda and momentum for our initiatives
  • Our Board and Executive has and will maintain the necessary credibility for the committee to be recognised as a respected advocate for Gippsland
  • We develop and nurture partnerships between industry and business, government, non-government organisations and the community
  • We are apolitical and are receptive to alternative opinions and proposals
  • We do not act as an advocate for the pecuniary interests of individual members