Business Growth Fund - Australian Business Growth Fund

Australian Business Growth Fund

C4G’s recent webinar with Will Hodgman Chair Australian Business Growth Fund (ex-Premier Tasmania) and Andrew Loveridge (Customer Executive NAB) was titled Patient Capital which may have been a little misleading as the fund is a private sector model aimed at facilitating SME investment, growth and jobs.

Australian banks and super funds will provide equity funds into the Business Growth Fund which in turn will invest in Australian small business.

SME investment opportunities between $5-15m will have an opportunity to seek equity funding (model contribution range 10-40%).

The fund will be supported by a sophisticated network of business leaders providing:

  • strategic insight
  • mentoring
  • business advice etc.

The Australian Business Growth Fund is based on a UK model which has 6,000 people involved in the talent network.

World-wide shifts (free trade, digitisation, people mobility etc) changing the business landscape is proving challenging when it comes to retaining sufficient earnings needed for growth capital.

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