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C4G Wants regional response to emission reduction targets

The Committee for Gippsland (C4G) plans to establish a working group to prepare an industry-led transition plan around emissions reduction targets.

This working group will develop a plan for Gippsland in response to the Victorian Government’s Interim Emissions Reduction Targets for Victoria (2021-2030), released in June this year.

C4G Chief Executive Officer, Jane Oakley, said the people in the Latrobe Valley in particular take the responsibility to generate and supply Victoria’s energy needs very seriously.

“Now the Valley and the wider region want to understand the scale of any changes to the emission targets and whether these changes will have implications for the operators (generators) fulfilling their end of life timelines,” Ms Oakley said.

“This is important to us because it has implications for workers and their families and the overall economic health of our region.”

Ms Oakley said C4G would advocate for open and transparent dialogue with government to secure a positive regional transition to new market opportunities.

“We must leverage the learnings from the closure of Hazelwood Power Station and Mine and agree on the areas for improvement in preparedness to carefully transition, maximising new market opportunities while fully leveraging existing business and industry capability,” she said.

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