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Clean Energy Success for Gippsland

Australian-wide Network Of Game-changing Hydrogen Technology Clusters Unveiled
Source: National Energy Resources Australia.

A network of regional hydrogen technology clusters has today been unveiled across Australia, as part of a drive to establish a nationwide hydrogen cluster.
Spearheaded by National Energy Resources Australia (NERA), the national cluster (which would operate as a virtual network) will establish a global identity and a recognised brand for Australian hydrogen technology and expertise. It will also aid the development of the hydrogen supply chain, reduce overlaps and identify gaps in the development, deployment, andcommercialisation of new hydrogen focused technologies.

The establishment of the regional hydrogen technology clusters announced today – which cover all of Australia’s states and territories – follows the conclusion of a seed funding selection program started by NERA in September. NERA has also been able to leverage a range of funding commitments from state and territory governments around the country, as well as industry financial support.

NERA CEO Miranda Taylor said today’s announcement was a crucial step in building the skills, capacities and commercialisation opportunities necessary to unlock Australia’s enormous potential to create a globally competitive hydrogen industry that, according to a 2019 Deloitte report, could increase Australia’s GDP up to $26 billion.

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Gippsland Chosen As One Of Australia’s Regional Hydrogen Clusters

On behalf of a cluster of more than 70 businesses, industry bodies and state government departments, the Committee for Gippsland is pleased to announce that Gippsland has been selected to join a national network to lead the development and advancement of Australia’s clean hydrogen energy sector.

Gippsland has been chosen by National Energy Resources Australia (NERA) as one of a handful of clusters across Australia that will play a pivotal role in accelerating the development, deployment, and commercialisation of the Australian hydrogen industry.

The success of Gippsland’s submission to NERA presents an opportunity for the region to build on its status as an energy power-house and, according to the Committee for Gippsland’s CEO Jane Oakley, will enable the region to leverage funding associated with the Australian Government’s $1.5billion Modern Manufacturing Strategy and $1.8billion investment in low emissions technologies.

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