NBN Co - Connecting Australia - Future of Farming

Connecting Australia – Future of Farming

Source: NBN Co.

NBN Co’s Connecting Australia research on agriculture has shown how the nbn™ network can support vital growth in Australia’s agricultural sector to help strengthen the economy.

The research (attached) estimates that connectivity, combined with the right digital technologies, could increase the sector’s gross value of production by $15.6 billion per year by 2030. Modelling undertaken by economics and analytics firm AlphaBeta suggested the potential farming productivity gains required strong adoption of emerging digital capabilities.

Increased adoption of digital agriculture on-farm is essential to the industry achieving its objective of being Australia’s next $100 billion industry.  With poor connectivity estimated to cost farmers up to $5 per hectare pa, the availability of services over the nbn™ network can help enable the realisation of digital agriculture across Australia.

Key findings from the Connecting Australia report:

  • Research commissioned by the nbn found that by 2030 internet-enabled technologies such as artificial intelligence, sensors, and robotics could add $15.6 billion to the agriculture sector’s gross value of production each year.
  • Through adoption of internet-enabled agriculture technology, nbn can potentially support the industry achieve their $100 billion by 2030 goal.
  • The internet-enabled technologies set to enable the highest productivity growth across the future of connected farming in Australia include:
  • Decision support ($8 billion productivity growth potential): Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence that collects information to help farmers make data-driven decisions to manage their farms through precision farming.
  • Monitoring ($4.3 billion productivity growth potential): Technologies that provide farmers with real time information about the state and performance of their farms, such as soil moisture sensors for water efficiencies.
  • Automation ($3.3 billion productivity growth potential): Farm automation that saves time by replacing human labour with machine labour, which includes autonomous irrigation or autonomous tractors.

To help enable the range of benefits identified in the research, NBN Co has initiated an agriculture development strategy, including plans to work collaboratively with sector stakeholders in research and technology demonstrations utilising the nbn™ network. NBN Co is already working closely with the agricultural community to address the connectivity needs of farmers to support greater efficiency and productivity.

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