Destination Gippsland July - Destination Gippsland Industry Update

Destination Gippsland Industry Update

JULY 29TH 2020.

Terry Robinson – Chief Executive Officer.

While attention is on Melbourne’s stage 3 restrictions and the reporting of uncomfortably high daily cases, the challenge for the Gippsland visitor economy remains real.

Our main source market for visitors has been cut off and many businesses are relying on government support and intra-Gippsland travel to keep the cashflow ticking over.

The Board members and team at Destination Gippsland are very conscious of how difficult and disruptive it is for our industry right now. We are committed to delivering ways to support our tourism businesses in a responsible and considered way.

To inform our decision making please let us know what your thoughts are and what you need by completing a brief online questionnaire that you’ll find in this week’s update. We want to continue to listen to you so we can continue to provide appropriate and timely tourism services wherever possible during this epidemic.

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Photo – Destination Gippsland.