Focus Groups

The Committee for Gippsland currently has the following active focus groups: 

Priority AreaWorking GroupCharter
Freight and Infrastructure Member representation: Transport; Logistics; Manufacturing; Work collaboratively with Government to identify Gippsland Freight and Infrastructure Master Plan deliverables; next set of priorities; barriers; forward planning.
Young Entrepreneurs Network Regional wide representation diverse sectors.Inform regional policy and plans. Build regional entrepreneurial capavity.
Industry-led Transition Action PlanGenerators and supply chain businesses; Renewables; Higher Education and other transitioning sectors.To work collaboratively with Government in identifying industry and market opportunities for generator employees and supply chain businesses delivering a visual roadmap of industry; government and community interventions and actions.
Gippsland Community Leadership Program Advisory Committee Alumni and community representatives from diverse sectors, backgrounds and communities (across Gippsland).The primary function of the GCLP Advisory Committee is to make recommendations to the Chief Executive Officer on strategic matters that enhance and help to develop the Program, including Program effectiveness, methodology and reference materials.