Gippsland Future Directions artwork 1024x715 - Gippsland Future Directions Strategy Launched

Gippsland Future Directions Strategy Launched

This Gippsland Future Directions Strategy (GFDS) sets out Strategic Imperatives and Key Actions to guide efforts by the Committee for Gippsland (C4G), in collaboration with its partners and stakeholders, to increase the resilience and diversity of the Gippsland economy and to prepare it for the future.

The GFDS is founded on a number of key aspects and principles. The first of these is C4G’s objectives and vision.

To identify how Gippsland can be a thriving investment environment for growth, new and emerging opportunities diversifying our regional economy to secure long-term sustainability.

The overriding approach to the key actions in this strategy is a focus on practicality:

  • what can be delivered with available internal resources or leveraged external resources
  • what are the barriers to achieving the diversification and future-proofing of the economy.

Seven priority areas for the region have been distilled:

  1. Renewable and Cleaner Energy
  2. New Economy Manufacturing
  3. Education and Training
  4. Health Care and Aged Care Services
  5. Advanced Food and Fibre Production
  6. Land Use Optimisation
  7. Digital and Tourism Connectivity.

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Committee for Gippsland members are invited to contact for further information and detail.