FB Post 1024x1024 - Gippsland New Energy Forum 26 Nov 2020

Gippsland New Energy Forum 26 Nov 2020

The way we generate energy is changing and it is clear we need a well-planned and managed transition to ensure a bright future for Gippsland’s economy, communities, and landscapes.  

Join Committee for Gippsland and the Gippsland Climate Change Network for a wide-ranging discussion on the state of play for Gippsland’s new energy sector and what it means for regional communities, employment, and development. This webinar, the first in a series, will include presentations from key stakeholders in new energy and will be followed by a Q & A session to help build community awareness and confidence around what’s to come as we move towards establishing Gippsland as a clean energy hub.

We are also pleased to announce that the event will also be emceed by Scott Ferraro. Scott is currently the Program Director for Monash University’s Net Zero Initiative and is on the Board of the Energy Efficiency Council. He has an engineering background, is a leader in net-zero emissions strategy and brings with him a deep understanding of the opportunities for carbon reduction across energy, transport, industry and building sectors.

DATE: 26th November
TIME: 12-1:30 pm
REGISTER: Zoom Webinar