Jane Oakley - Gippsland Will Continue To Lead Energy - Clean Energy Technologies

Gippsland Will Continue To Lead Energy – Clean Energy Technologies

Jane Oakley – CEO, Committee for Gippsland.


Gippsland will have to play in the production of many new clean energy technologies in order for its economy to survive (and thrive) as our traditional industries go through major adjustment in response to Government policy change.

Hydrogen Energy Supply Chain (HESC) is an exciting project with production commencing in October and shipping (via the Port of Hastings) to Kobe, Japan, early next year.

The hydrogen process requires a large amount of water, HESC process will extract and re-use the brown coal high water content to produce hydrogen.
Carbon capture and storage will enable the process to reduce green house gas emissions.

The next significant opportunity is to explore related industry that can leverage from the by-products to manufacture other products (securing the long term future of Gippsland’s manufacturing supply chain).

The other significant piece of work taking place in Gippsland is mapping our bio-manufacturing potential – availability of bio-mass, conversion capability and fuel products.

Gippsland will continue its energy leadership in the production of clean energy, in many forms.

It’s not one technology over the other which will determine our future, it’s a mix of fuels and a clear pathway on how we are going to get there.