Since 2011 the Committee for Gippsland has established itself as the key independent go-to organisation in Gippsland and is well regarded by all levels of government.

The Committee for Gippsland has continued to make a significant contribution to Gippsland, assisting in achieving positive outcomes through our advocacy and research work resulting in a number of key funding commitments from all levels of government.

Gippsland Digital Connectivity Infrastructure Master Plan

Committee for Gippsland advocated to the State Government for the development of a master plan that acts as a locally informed blueprint and advocacy tool for improved digital infrastructure in Gippsland.  Committee for Gippsland has played a critical role in informing the Gippsland Digital Connectivity Plan which connects into the State Government of Victoria  Digital Connectivity Plan. The State Government will be releasing this Plan in Quarter 2  2019/2020. 

Education, training and innovation

Through Committee for Gippsland advocacy, funding has been provided for the establishment of the Regional Carbon Centre. This centre has been established for research and innovation into future uses of carbon.

Road and Rail

The Victorian Budget 2018/2019 has allocated $941 million to fix Victoria’s regional road network, including a $66 million maintenance uplift for Gippsland. $530 million was allocated to regional rail revival (infrastructure and services) in Gippsland. Committee for Gippsland has been a vocal advocate for improving our road and rail networks. Such infrastructure is critical in fostering population and investment attraction and will remain a priority for the Committee for Gippsland.

One Gippsland

Committee for Gippsland continues to partner with Local Councils, Regional Partnerships and Regional Development Australia Gippsland (RDAG) to bi-annually visit our politicians in Canberra advocating for the businesses and communities of Gippsland.


Committee for Gippsland continues to support the Gippsland Community Leadership Program (GCLP) developing the regions leaders. This program not only delivers outstanding future leaders it also identifies and delivers on projects which are of benefit to the Gippsland community.

Young Entrepreneurs Network – Support and build entrepreneurial capability

Working in partnership with Gipps-Tech, this forum is intended to provide entrepreneurs with an opportunity to build knowledge and actively contribute to informing regional policy and plans.

Minister Syme visit with Young Entrepeneurs July 2019 300x225 - Initiatives

Working with partners and stakeholders in the Gippsland region, the Committee for Gippsland has assisted in successfully advocating for the following priorities:

  • Latrobe Regional Hospital Stage 2a redevelopment worth $73 million
  • $150 million to road and infrastructure projects identified in the Gippsland Freight and Infrastructure Master Plan.
  • $30 million in state government funding towards the Northern Town Pipeline in South Gippsland.
  • $2 billion contract worth around $650 million to the local economy over 25 years that will see the East Sale RAAF base be the location for the Flight Pilot Training School 5428. This will generate 700 local jobs.
  • $20 million in both state and federal government funding towards the Macalister Irrigation District 2030 modernisation project. The total cost of the project being $60 million.
  • Princes Highway Duplication from Traralgon to Sale and continued advocacy for remaining 7 kilometres of road to be duplicated.
  • $48.2 million in funding towards the redevelopment at the iconic Penguin Parade part of the Phillip Island Nature Parks.