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Joint Advocacy Statement For Investment & Development In Gippsland

Advocating to state and federal government for effective and sustainable investment and development in Gippsland is a priority for the Committee for Gippsland and its members.

On behalf of the Gippsland Regional Plan Leadership Group, the Committee for Gippsland has provided the attached Joint Advocacy Statement to local politicians and state and federal Ministers as a guide to assist in their decision making for the region.

Priorities for Gippsland include:

  1. World class freight, passenger and export infrastructure investment
  2. Gippsland Clean Energy Hub – an opportunity for Government to co-investment in Victoria’s clean energy future
  3. Investment and support for more connected region – moving people, products and produce; integrated regional transport, access to technology and more seamless local planning
  4. Investing in Gippsland’s education via its Regional University and its vocational education and training providers delivering local and global education
  5. Gippsland Health Infrastructure investment
  6. Stimulus for the visitor economy
  7. Population growth and attraction
  8. Local procurement support
  9. Stimulus for local manufacturing.

“The Gippsland Regional Plan Leadership Group welcomes the opportunity to work closely with the federal and state governments to ensure investment is directed into the right areas; areas that will foster jobs, growth and healthy, vibrant outcomes for Gippsland,” acknowledged Jane Oakley, CEO, Committee for Gippsland.

Joint Advocacy Statement (pdf)…