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Leadership Program’s Focus Is Gippsland Community

Gippsland business and communities continue to benefit from 25 years of high quality, locally based leadership training proudly delivered by the Gippsland Community Leadership Program (GCLP).

GCLP Program Director Mark Answerth said that the key to the program’s success is the value Gippsland business and industry place on investing in leadership that develops skills while growing and retaining expertise within the region.

“GCLP participants apply existing skillsets and acquire new ones through practice, innovation, and connection; an approach that produces well-trained leaders who contribute effectively to their workplace and community,” Mark Answerth said.

Each year the program centres around participants honing their leadership skills through the development and delivery of five group-based community projects within Gippsland.

Mark Answerth said that with the underpinning focus on advocacy, diversity, collaboration and community, past projects have ranged from youth mentoring and family violence prevention programs to campaigns and facilities to help improve outcomes in the areas of mental health, environment, and homelessness.

“After the devastating fires in Gippsland in 2020, last year our participants focused all five projects in East Gippsland.

“As part of the program, GCLP participants work with locals in identifying, developing and delivering community projects that directly supported fire-affected communities,” Mark Answerth said.

The 2021 program is well underway with participants most recently engaged in a program day at Sale focussing on the development of this year’s community projects. The GCLP group of 27 has been divided into five teams and are setting their sights high when it comes to providing long-lasting, positive outcomes for Gippsland communities, just as more than 600 GCLP participants before them.

In meeting the challenge of the planning day, West Gippsland Catchment Management Authority’s Rachael Millar from Cape Paterson worked with her team on the challenge of maximising the talents and expertise within the group to help develop a project focus.

“I’m really excited about what our group can achieve this year. The team is passionate about making a difference and is committed to developing a community project that gives back to the Gippsland community.

“Our group brings diverse experience and skills which I think will benefit the community we work with,” said Rachael Millar.

A program of the Committee for Gippsland, GCLP is the longest running leadership program of its kind in Australia and continues to deliver growth in leadership capacity and capability across Gippsland.

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