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Mental Health And Business Upskill Tools

Source: Destination Gippsland.

Helpful links for those businesses needing information and assistance relating to mental health, training and upskilling.

Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Mental Health Essentials
The Mental Health Essentials program offers free mental health training and consulting to small and medium sized businesses who employ young workers and want to create mentally healthy workplaces. Find out more…

Business Victoria

Wellbeing and Mental Health Support for Victorian Small Businesses
Victorians dealing with the challenges of running a small business can get the mental health support they need to navigate through the impacts of coronavirus (COVID-19). Roll out of these support services will begin in August and is expected to continue until 2022, with demand and future conditions set to guide further services. Find out more …

Upskill My Business
Upskill My Business connects you to short courses, online events and resources from the state’s top education providers and industry experts.
Find out more here: