DELWP Waste - New Act And Authority For Victoria's Waste And Recycling - Have Your Say

New Act And Authority For Victoria’s Waste And Recycling – Have Your Say

Source: DWELP.

Your input is sought on how effectively the State Government’s model will support our waste and recycling goals, ensuring these services are safe, reliable and meet community expectations.

Victoria’s waste and recycling system has experienced significant market shocks in recent years, highlighting the vulnerability of this essential service relied on by all Victorians.

The Victorian Government committed to developing a new waste and recycling Act and establishing a waste authority by 2021. A new Act and authority will provide the Victorian Government with a system-wide view that will allow it to more effectively oversee the waste and recycling sector, including predicting and responding to future market shocks. This will also ensure that waste and recycling services are reliable and meet community expectations, and contribute to Victoria’s waste and recycling goals.

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