Patties Traveller - Patties Four’n Twenty Traveller ranked “must-try” in America

Patties Four’n Twenty Traveller ranked “must-try” in America

Source: Australian Food News.

Four’N Twenty Traveller Beef & Cheese Pastry has been named a top 10 must-try sandwich in a new list from CSP Daily News.

The publication recently released a ranking of America’s “30 Must-Try Sandwiches for 2020”, with the Beef & Cheese Traveller coming in eighth place, keeping company alongside established American brands such as 7Eleven and McDonald’s.

Stocked in Rutter’s stores all throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland and West Virginia, the Four’N Twenty Traveller Beef & Cheese pastry has proven to be a great snacking option for Americans.

Anand Surujpal, Patties Foods Group General Manager of Marketing and Innovation, said: “Americans have embraced Australia’s iconic Four’N Twenty Traveller, taking it from strength to strength in the US market. It was a welcome surprise to have our Beef & Cheese Traveller named a ‘must-try’ sandwich in CSP’s recent round-up of the best sandwiches.

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Congratulations to our corporate partner Patties Foods on their continued success in the US. Another country enjoying ‘The Great Australian Taste’ (from Gippsland). – Committee For Gippsland