Our Region Our Future

Securing an economic future for Gippsland and Latrobe Valley

The Our Region Our Future report has been central to Committee for Gippsland’s advocacy activity with a range of recommendations of infrastructure and projects to help secure an economic future for Gippsland and Latrobe Valley.

Expanding on this, on behalf of its members, Committee for Gippsland is exploring ‘whole of region’ strategies, identifying barriers and challenges, and determining the opportunities that will unlock the region’s potential.

Best practice regional development relies on sound planning that understands the opportunities that exist within the human and physical capital of regions; on designing and trailing innovative models of development that engage communities; stakeholders and investors; and, the capacity to anticipate, monitor and evaluate the outcomes of interventions over time. These are all areas in which research can continue to play a critical role in providing a robust evidence to help meet these needs in partnership with practitioners, policymakers and regional communities.


  • Infrastructure and Connectivity to support existing industry and attract new investment.
  • facilitate and encourage a Gippsland region that invites and develops participation and innovation, business investment, industry development and strong and vibrant communities.


  • Infrastructure, Transport and Digital
  • Freight and infrastructure master plan (revision)

Education, Training and Innovation

  • Future jobs aligned skills
  • Connecting industry and higher education

Health and Wellbeing

  • Regional connected service delivery model – private and public

Energy and Resources

  • Water Security
  • New energy
  • Investment in new technologies.
  • Transition action plan – coal to new technologies

Smart Investment

  • Gippsland SME’s investment
  • Local Procurement
  • Circular Economy
  • Collaborative working models

Food and Fibre

  • Access to markets
  • Greater product value add (locally)
  • Resource security

Visitor economy and tourism

  • Nature based tourism opportunities

Gippsland Brand

  • Gippsland business and capability showcase.
  • Invest Gippsland – unique value proposition