VCCI - Restriction Stages, Steps And Bubbles: Victoria’s Road To ‘COVID Normal’ Explained

Restriction Stages, Steps And Bubbles: Victoria’s Road To ‘COVID Normal’ Explained

Source: Victorian Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

Over the next few months, Victoria’s road to recovery will be a complex and arduous journey affecting many businesses differently. Here is everything you and your business need to know.

On 6 September, Premier Daniel Andrews revealed the State Government’s ‘Roadmap to Reopening’ Victoria and journey to a state of ‘COVID Normal’.  

Beginning from 11:59pm on 13 September, some restrictions will be eased across metro and regional Victoria – a critical first step towards recovery. However, the journey will be different for regional Victoria and Metropolitan Melbourne, and for different industries.  

What the Premier outlined is a four-step process that will see a gradual reopening of businesses and eased social restrictions to eventually end in the final stage ‘COVID Normal’. Each of the four steps will be triggered by a certain date or threshold of case numbers but are not guarantees as Public Health advice will take priority over any progress and easing of restrictions. 

Victorian businesses will be classed into four classes of restrictions, each with a reduced level of constraint:  

  • Closed 
  • Heavily restricted 
  • Restricted 
  • Open with a COVIDSafe Plan 

At the time of announcement, the state of Victoria had already been in the strict Stage 4 of lockdown for five weeks. While VCCI agrees with the need to get the virus under control, it cannot come at the expense of businesses and jobs. A balance must be struck to protect community health and protect the future of our economy and the greater nation’s, and we’ll continue working to get more businesses back to work, quickly. 

VCCI chief executive Paul Guerra said, “Victoria’s economy is experiencing its biggest crisis in modern times with thousands of businesses unable to operate for most of this year, and the Government needs to allow Victorians to get back to work.” 

“[VCCI] will continue to do whatever we can and work with both the Federal and State Government to not only deliver hope, but to deliver jobs, by keeping your business alive.”  

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