Tim Pallas - State Treasurer Meets With C4G Members

State Treasurer Meets With C4G Members

The Committee for Gippsland (C4G) wishes to thank the Victorian Government Treasurer Tim Pallas for meeting (online) with C4G members today to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the Victorian economy and regional recovery for Gippsland.

The Treasurer acknowledged the impact of drought, bushfires and now COVID on the Gippsland economy. The Treasurer spoke of Government’s fiscal and policy response to support business and community recovery (which now includes COVID-19).

The Treasurer said, “Re-booting the economy is not for the faint hearted but Victoria’s starting point is strong – 5 years of a budget surplus, triple A credit rating, nations fastest growing economy, low regional unemployment, $107b infrastructure investment which will play a major role in our state’s recovery”.

Government Building Works Program totals $2.7b in shovel ready projects, Gippsland’s share includes:

  • $65m projects already breaking ground including the MID
  • school upgrades
  • Clifton creek school rebuild
  • improved arterial roads and bridges.