Daniel Andrews - Statement From The Premier

Statement From The Premier

Source: Premier of Victoria.

I won’t waste words: today hurts.  Victorians know, better than anyone, just how deeply. 

But as we’ve seen – here in Australia and around the world – we are facing a new kind of enemy.

A virus that is smarter, and faster, and more infectious. 

And until we have a vaccine, we need to do everything we can to keep this virus at bay.

In the past 24 hours, five new cases have been identified.

It shows just how incredibly infectious this virus is. And our public health team tell us it’s only getting faster.

Right now, we are reaching close contacts well within the 48-hour benchmark. But the time between exposure, incubation, symptoms and testing positive is rapidly shortening.  So much so, that even secondary close contacts are potentially infectious within that 48-hour window.

In short: this hyper-infectious variant is moving at hyper-speed.

It’s why on the advice of our public health experts, the whole of Victoria will move to circuit-breaker action from 11:59pm tonight until 11:59pm on Wednesday, 17 February.

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