Alex Aeschlimann

Alex is a passionate Gippslander, with ten years’ experience on the board of Gippsland Southern Health Service (GSHS) and has recently retired as President and Chairman.

Alex has served on a number of hospital committees, has strong stakeholder relationships across Gippsland health services and was an active member of the South Gippsland Coast Partnership.

As a local business owner, Alex takes pride in employing local people and contributing to the regional economy.

Alex believes staff safety and customer satisfaction is critical to success. As a Business Advisor, he offers expertise in Workforce, Business Direction, Sales, Marketing, Finance and Operations. Alex’s family arrived in Gippsland in 1890 and he is proud to be the fifth generation to farm at Arawata. He plans to leave a legacy for future generations and cares for the land on which he farms with that legacy top of mind.